Patrol USA – Video Campaign

Patrol USA is a startup apparel company focused on making high-quality, American made, rugged, stylish clothing. Their line is mainly focused around pants, but has branched out into accessories.

I strategized with Patrol USA to create a series of videos that would serve as the driving force to re-up their line of pants. In preparing for the version 2.0 of their ‘Moab Pant,’ Patrol USA decided to use crowd funding to re-create the buzz of their first product drop. I created all the media surrounding their crowd funding campaign and product drop. It compromised of a flagship video, 6 social videos, and 40 images.

The project was successful with almost $35,000 of funding. This is $10,000 higher than their original goal.

The entire campaign was shot over the course of 3 days in Moab, Utah.

These 6 social videos were broken out of the flagship video. The goal was to tell the companies story over the course of 6 weeks.